Monday, December 05, 2016

SYUS Services: Max OJ stat exchange and Item Faction Transfer

Today we'd like to give you an update on two services:

1. Max OJ services and exchanging stats:

We are aware that several players recently requested Max OJ exchange on items that were already maxed, and these requests were left denied.

As a sanity check, we went through old Shaiya US Max OJ forms and forum posts (GMRender and GMLeo) explaining Max OJ rules and we have found nothing there that would define, black on white, that such a stat exchange on a maxed item/stat is possible. On the other hand, they mention that "They can ONLY increase an existing stat or replace an existing stat!" which is quite vague and could be misinterpreted. It's our opinion that this might've been the cause of such a service being granted to player, first as a mistake caused by such misinterpretation, and afterwards, reinforcing this mistake. The way we see it, such exchange contradicts the rules from sources mentioned above, and we'd actually like to apologize for this.

Therefore, to officially clear the matter up, regardless of any previous messages that you might have received (a GM message in a certain ticket, unfortunately being a result of internal miscommunication, and we'd like to apologize for the confusion), at this point we can't honor any exchanges of one maxed GM stat (maxed with a GM service) into another one.

Still, while this is something that we can't change at this point, we're not dismissing it at all! On the contrary, we see merit in this and we'll definitely be looking into implementing this option. Stay tuned!

2. Item Faction Change
There was recently an update regarding this service, excluding non faction-related vanity items from this service. This change was revoked, and below you'll find all the changes (copied from the service description in the webmall - so much easier this way).

1. This service will allow for transferring all permanent vanity (pets, mounts, costumes, Title of Throne) items. Please keep the following in mind:

All faction-based items (like mounts) will of course be changed into UoF equivalents.
Wings will not be transferred directly. In exchange, we will be offering a set of three feathers needed to create wings.
All items that carry OJs will have their OJs transferred in the same form.
Limited time items are not transferrable

This rule applies retroactively, i.e. will apply to all requests that were sent before the 5th of December.

2 - Players have now 30 days (starting from the moment of us performing the Faction Change service) to purchase (or be gifted) an Item Faction Transfer service and send requests for all of the items they want transferred. After 30 days, we will not be performing these service anymore for a given account.

With this in mind, we kindly ask the person sending the form to keep the placeholder (Troll of Tear C2) in their Banks until the service is done, and making sure they're giving the correct item names.
Here's the link to the service description itself:

We'd like to wish you a great week!

Your Shaiya Team

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