Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Maintenance: 26th of May, 2016

This week's Shaiya US Maintenance will happen on

Thursday, 26th of May

10 am CET, 1AM PDT, 4AM EDT

This information is subject to change due to unforeseen circumstances

There's not ETA available!

An announcement will be made in the Shoutbox regarding the re-opening of the Shaiya Servers.

Thank you!
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Thursday, May 19, 2016

Patch notes - 5/19/2016

What's new:

• Introducing a new Mailbox System!

You will undoubtedly notice a new icon in the lower right corner of the screen.

Contrary to its name, it doesn't allow you to send mail to other players, but instead offers a different option. This is a new system that will essentially allow us to send you items, and which can also be used as a storage option.

As you can see in the picture, messages that we send might have a limited duration, but we can also make them remain in your mailbox indefinitely. One advantage of this system? Wherever you go, it will follow you! There's no need to visit an NPC to retrieve your items.

• The Luminous Boss got significantly richer!
The Luminous Boss has definitely moved up in the world: he now drops nine Luminous Chests!

• Quest mobs are now easier to spot.

A small but elegant touch. Mobs that you need for a quest will have their health bars visible at all times!
Bug Fixes:

• The Blood Avenger costume is no longer tradable.
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Protection Rewards Tiered Spender May

Double Benefit BOGO TS May

May 19th / May 27th

Collection TS! Get items needed to complete one of the permutations and be closer to getting one of the great collection prizes! 30 days versions of Drogon & Wolf pets plus much more is awaiting you in this TS!

Fully equiped weapons available in lower TS!

Mechanic Lapis Attack - find increased quantities in the very last TS!

... and many more ...
Benefit from this irresistible opportunity and claim your Rewards now!

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Friday, May 13, 2016

Friday 13th: Gambler's Box

Friday 13th: Gambler's Box
HUGE JACKPOTS like never before
Click HERE

Special Box for supposedly "unlucky" Friday the 13th. If you feel the spirit of gambler within you then try your luck against the odds and open the Gambler's Box.

If you are lucky enough you may win one of these HUGE JACKPOTS like never before in any of Mystery Boxes:

  • - 5 x Magic Candelabra
  • - 5 x Perfect Linking Hammer
  • - 5 x Tear of Troll C
  • - 30 x Resurrection Rune 30 days
  • - 75 x Operator's Exclusive
  • - 50 x Perfect Lapisia Box Lv.3 (Weapon)
  • - 50 x Perfect Lapisia Box Lv.3 (Armor)

Additional super prizes:

  • - Na-ye Costume +15 (Permanent)
  • - Swashbuckler Suit +15 (Permanent)
Secondary Prizes:

  • - 50 x Etain Potion
  • - 50 x Regnum Potion
  • - 50 x Movement Rune
  • - 50 x Teleportation Stone
  • - One of Premium Recreation Runes (REC/DEX/WIS/STR/LUC/INT)

With Great Prizes Come Great Risks... Try your Luck Now
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Devil Tiered Spender May

Devil TS May
May 11th / May 19th

Here we have the amzing Devil Tiered Spender!

Don't miss out on increased vial numbers!
Goddess will put a smile upon your face when you complete the second TS! ...and if you go until the 3rd one, you will be able to extract as never before!

7 is a lucky number - complete this TS and get 7 Extraction Hammers!

... and many more ...
Benefit from this irresistible opportunity and claim your Rewards now!

Watch out: TS Devil (1) finishes one day earlier then TS Devil (2) & TS Devil (3).
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Wednesday, May 11, 2016

PM Chat (Bi-weekly): 11th of May

Hello dear Shaiyans,

The next PM Chat will take place

May 11th, 8:00 pm CEST
11:00 am PDT, 2:00 pm EDT

This information is subject to change due to unforeseen circumstances

Duration: 30 Minutes.

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Friday, May 06, 2016

SYEE Character Migration

Today, we're sharing with you another update on the Migration process.

• The most important news for today:
The SYEE -> SYUS Migration will
definitely end on the 30th of June!

This means, after this date no character resurrections will be performed anymore!

• We would like to inform you that close to 98% of resurrection requests we received are now complete! Over the course of April we have received over 4000 requests, and since this project was of utmost priority, it unfortunately affected other areas of GM work, e.g. resolving tickets or services.
Even though we're still receiving requests, for which we are very grateful, they do not affect other areas of our work anymore and are being done with minimal delays. Naturally, we're also catching up with all the delayed matters, and the situation should get back to normal very soon! We would hereby like to apologize again to all migrated and native US players for all delays.

• As part of the process, we have already sent you all the Gold Bars and converted OJ placeholders. We have stumbled upon some cases where we couldn't send either due to the Bank being full. These players will naturally receive their missing items, either in their Bank or directly in the Warehouse (if the user plays on only one server).

• Getting back to the first point: Not all cases of request could be handled, for various reasons. Having this in mind, we have created a preview sheet for you, that combines all unsuccessful requests: those which are on halt and have to be clarified via a ticket, and those which for some reasons couldn't be completed at all. All cases also have a comment, why the request wasn't carried out.

In this sheet, all account names are partially censored. If you can't recognize if one of the accounts are yours, just send us a ticket!

As we are still receiving requests, we will keep updating this sheet (but not indefinitely, since the request form will be closed in the future - read more below). Do not forget to check it often, if your characters haven't yet been restored!

Please remember that account that were banned permanently can't have their characters resurrected on SYUS, as they're all within the same banned account.

This sheet combines two cases of unsuccessful requests:
Pending: this request is paused and can be completed, but requires additional clarification. In this case, please send a ticket!
Denied: this particular request couldn't be completed at all. In this case, please send the request form again remembering to put all the data correctly!
To make sure that the form is completed correctly, here's a simple guide:
◦ First page of the form: give your account name (or login). Please, do not put here your e-mail, and do not add any other information.
◦ Second page: Please put (preferably) exact names of the characters that you had on SYEE server Gordion and you want to have resurrected on SYUS on the corresponding server (Lailah).
◦ Third page: Just in case, please put backup names of your characters, in case the GM team has to rename your characters manually and there's a name conflict.
◦ Fourth page: Please put (preferably) exact names of the characters that you had on SYEE server Babylon and you want to have resurrected on SYUS on the corresponding server (Teos).
◦ Fifth page: Please put (preferably) exact names of the characters that you had on SYEE server THESAN and you want to have resurrected on SYUS on the corresponding server (Etain).
◦ Sixth page: Please put (preferably) exact names of the characters that you had on SYEE server HESPERA and you want to have resurrected on SYUS on the corresponding server (Gaia). You can also leave a comment here.

Please remember that characters that were dead on SYEE at the time of migration (31st of March) can't be resurrected for free. Still, every player is allowed a one-time free resurrection for one character on SYUS. If you want to use this option, please mention this in the comment field on the last page of the form.

• As we have already informed you in one of our previous news, processing every resurrection request is followed by a private forum message from account "MigrationEE", informing about the status of player's request. We have encountered many cases where players would not accept private messages. Therefore, in cases where you have sent a request but still haven't received a response from us, we would like to suggest a three-step process:
1. Please log in on SYUS to check if your SYEE characters are resurrected.
2. Please check the SYEE->SYUS Migration: incomplete requests - preview sheet to check if your login is there and if your request was denied or is on halt.
3. If the status of your account is still unclear, please send us a ticket!

• A small reminder: once a request is granted and characters are resurrected, Name Change Stones are given, one for each resurrected character. This gives you the freedom to shape the name of your characters yourself! However, since the names your characters now have might seem awesome, we sadly can't allow you to keep them for long.
Please bear in mind that all unrenamed characters will be deleted on the 30th of June, so please remember to rename them with the stones by...
...the 29th of June, 23:59 CET!
There are other important information about this process. Read more about them here:

• The resurrection request form will be closed on the 15th of June! After that day (until the 30th of June), the only way to have your SYEE characters resurrected would be through a ticket! Also, all characters resurrected after the 15th of June will be renamed manually by us, to avoid the situation when a character would get deleted on the 30th of June (read one point above). Therefore, do not forget to also give us backup names in the ticket!

Yours sincerely,
Shaiya Team
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